Ships Inventory


-Box of whipping tools/needles

-Drill and bits

-caulking gun, 1 tube silicon, 1-tube adhesive sealant

-1 roll duck tape

-band clamps various sizes


-box of various electrical rubber tape

-wire ties

-misc hardware wire

-Craftsman tool box full of various tools/hammer, wrenches, pliers, screw drivers

-Craftsman 144 piece socket set

- Volvo drive belts, set of two, fuel pump, 2 oil filters

-11 Racor fuel filters

-3 long water filters ?

-1 bag of bungies various sizes

-2QT of synth gear oil

-Westerbeke 3-oil filters genset

-misc gasket pump parts

OIL- 2qts of 2 cycle oil, 1.25 gl 15w/40 oil, 1.25gl 30w oil

Antifreeze- 4 gl of 100%, 2 gl of 50/50

-Funnel - one

-saber saw

-box of various screws and clamps

-box of various pins/screws

-spare engine hoses, various sizes

-two large blocks (we think used for the staysail)


-set of oars



Top left- small hand tools, pliers, screw drivers, various sizes

2nd left-electrical tester, batteries

3rd left- wire ties, sand paper

4th left- remotes, misc stuff

5th left- misc stuff

Top Right- Pens/scissors/misc

2nd right sun screen lots of tubes

3rd right- sun screen, seasick pills, creams

4th right SHIPS FLAGS

5th right- various bulbs, fuses, wire ties

Inside Nav station desk

-Ship operation manual

-Nav charts

-hand held compass

-ships documents

-various electrical manuals

-Arkansas tooth pick

-scrap paper

-parallels , compass

-2009 tide and pilot book

AT NAV Station


-winch handles

-battery jumper cables under seat

-Gen battery under seat

-Fujinon 7x50 binoculars

Nav station handing locker

-ten harnesses, several life vests, 3 tethers, 7 cartriages

AFT Cabin

-most of the bedding/towels

-toilet paper

-flashlights many

-Medical box-large, two other smaller boxes

-vacuum cleaner

-misc bulbs



-large danforth anchor

-large plow anchor

-2 shore power cords

-2 propane tanks 20lb

-siphon hose

-boson chair

-deck chairs

-dinghy fuel tank

-emergency tiller

-spare headsail

-two buckets

-all dock lines

-various sheets

-dinghy anchor

-water hose